Natural Hair Revolution or Natural Hair Journey

The Natural Hair Revolution? What are we revolting against, the natural hair oppressors? But is it really a revolution? Or could it be that our beautiful sisters are finally remembering the natural beauty we have within ourselves? The answer I’m sure will be different for each Naturalista on their own personal natural hair journey. Just like each and everyone of our curl friends have a unique variety of hair types, each one of us will have our own unique experiences with our hair.  The term revolution isn’t what comes to mind when I think about the relationship I have with my hair.  Grant it, my hair has been a source of strife, frustration and sadly tears for me for as long as I can remember.  But I never thought of it as something to revolt against rather, I found ways to deal with my hair.  Yes you heard that loud and clear, I said deal with my hair!  At those times in my life I didn’t necessarily have a good relationship with my hair, we had a relationship just not a good one so I put up with my hair versus caring for it.


My first memory of my hair wasn’t a pleasant happy one, instead it was quite a sad memory of pain and tears and a genuine dislike for my hair.  My step mother who married my father with her three boys had no idea how to manage a little girls head or even careful it.  That first painful memory was of me sitting outside of my house on the porch crying because it hurt to get my hair combed by my step mother.  That set the tone for the relationship between me and my hair.  


Naturally, most of the women in my generation has those fond memories of waking up early Saturday morning and seeing the stool and chair at the stove because it was time to get our hair pressed. That was another thing I dreaded, the ole get burned by the heat bit.  But that was what we did, that was how we managed our hair during that time. A system passed down from generation to generation because it was all they knew so it was all we knew, so when it came time to do our hair on our own and our dangers hair we continued those same traditions that our mothers taught us until we learned what was better for our hair.

I’m excited that through the consistent encouragement and example from my big sister I finally decided to start my natural hair journey.  It was fall of 2013 and I had just taken my braids out from the summer in an attempt to grow out the short Rihanna style pixie cut I got a few months earlier in February.  So my sister says to me go to YouTube and checkout some videos they tell you how to do everything!  So I go in there watch a few videos and decide I can do this!  If I can master relaxers and weaving my hair I can successful learn how to rock my natural hair!  Sounded simple enough to me, boy did reality set in when I realized all that caring for my hair involved.  Not that is was burdensome but definitely a lot more to caring for our natural hair than not getting a relaxer anymore

I’ve never been the type of woman to leave the house without her hair on point and if you ever see me that way please stop me and ask me what in the world is going on!   There were so many products to try and so many different hair styles as well.  The thing that I found the trickiest in the beginning was mastering the techniques that work best with my hair type.  Once I learned that I had a hair type and that there were products that worked better than others it was a revelation to say the least!

I’m excited for my natural hair journey and all that is in store for me.  To all my veteran naturalistas keep inspiring us newbies and all you newly natural curl friends stick it out because the reward is so rich when your are apart of the Natural Hair Club!

Ciao Bella’s πŸ’‹

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